As a child, little Filippo knew that he was destined to be a chef. Born 42 years ago in a small town Cortina D’Ampezzo, near Venice, Chef Filippo came from a long line of chefs. He never went to school to acquire his culinary skills, but developed them by watching older relatives cook at home.
By the age of six, he was able to cook a complete meal. His professional journey included time spent in some Italy’s most amazing hotels and great restaurants. As his talent developed, he progressed up the ladder from trainee to executive chef.

As a chef Filippo’s career advanced, his culinary talents did not go unnoticed. In late 2008, the San Carlo Restaurant Group, the owner and the operator of Signor Sassi London, approached chef Filippo with an offer to join one of the most successful Italian restaurant operators in the United Kingdom.
As the Group’s Executive Development Chef, his responsibilities have included improving existing menus and creating new dishes for the restaurants owned by the group. He has also opened more than 5 restaurants in United Kingdom and abroad.

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